Tuesday, August 25, 2009


That's the word I was trying to think of, dad! That's how my doctor's assistant described my elbow in the message she left me today - "it has subsided about a millimeter" (Becky, quit oogying out!). In layman's terms, the joint has slid back about that far, which is most likely why it's more uncomfortable now. I don't know which direction it has moved, but my guess is toward the shoulder since it's a little harder and hurtier to bend, kinda like there's not quite as good of leverage or something. A millimeter seems so tiny...

She ALSO said it's not an emergency, and doesn't change anything about the intended surgical options. It's still up to me when I do it, but she did re-state the doc's preference that I do it "sooner rather than later." Uh huh. Well, if later = 2 years, and sooner = 6 months, I will definitely do it sooner rather than later. But probably not sooner rather than sooner.

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  1. I vote for sooner rather than later...I might even vote for sooner rather than sooner. Six months? That seems like a pretty long time. I understand why you'd want to put it off as much as possible, especially since you're trying to sort out the housing thing. But I'm nervous that waiting too long will exacerbate the problem and then the "fix" will be more complicated... Set a date, at least?