Tuesday, August 25, 2009


That's the word I was trying to think of, dad! That's how my doctor's assistant described my elbow in the message she left me today - "it has subsided about a millimeter" (Becky, quit oogying out!). In layman's terms, the joint has slid back about that far, which is most likely why it's more uncomfortable now. I don't know which direction it has moved, but my guess is toward the shoulder since it's a little harder and hurtier to bend, kinda like there's not quite as good of leverage or something. A millimeter seems so tiny...

She ALSO said it's not an emergency, and doesn't change anything about the intended surgical options. It's still up to me when I do it, but she did re-state the doc's preference that I do it "sooner rather than later." Uh huh. Well, if later = 2 years, and sooner = 6 months, I will definitely do it sooner rather than later. But probably not sooner rather than sooner.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home still in progress...

If I'm really lucky, the person that said they were going to call me back tomorrow (Friday) about renting my house, will, in fact, actually call. She seemed very interested... we'll see.

Meanwhile, the issue of where I'll live when I DO rent the house is still being determined. Qualifying to buy is looking optimistic, but still some things to work out. I still haven't found the "perfect" house or condo either. I've seen some nice ones, but they all have a thing or two that would cause difficulty, like a really narrow hallway or a laundry room too small for me to drive into. So, still looking. I am finding myself very interested in a new development in Orem, just west of Geneva Rd between University Pkwy and Orem Center St. You can see some of the info here: http://www.edgehomes.com/. My realtor is exploring that more to see if it's really as nice a deal as it seems.

The other issue in my life the last 2 days that I'm praying REALLY HARD will turn out to be much ado about nothing is that my elbow has suddenly decided to become much more painful than usual, particularly when I do something really crazy like move it. :p  The good news is I CAN move it. The other good news is I went to Instacare last night to get it x-rayed, just to be sure it hadn't, you know, broken out, and it hasn't. The bones and implant look just like they did several months ago. The bad news is it definitely hurts more than normal, and feels, for lack of a better word, heavy. It's weird and annoying. Hopefully I just tweaked or pulled something and after a few days it will be all better again. For you panicky ones, I promise I didn't DO anything to it - no trauma, no hitting it, nothing. Just suddenly started hurting. Doh.

Stay tuned to your local station for further updates as they become available. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can't believe I'm doing this...

I used to think blogs were lame, but then I discovered I like reading what Rachel posts about the doings of their fam... so I decided it might be a nice way to keep people informed of the doings of my life, and so people (Becky!) can stop saying I never tell them anything.

So, at the moment, of course, the biggest thing in my life is determining if I can qualify for a loan to buy a house or condo in Provo/Orem rather than rent somewhere and have nothing to show for it. Qualifying may be a challenge, as I have a lot of debt and I have nothing for a down payment... so, this may be a pipe dream. But, I figure I have nothing to lose for trying. I've already looked at a couple places, one of which was about 80% great... I'm gonna look at more while I keep working with potential lenders. I'll update when anything changes!